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The Tattered Book

"I am a wizard, not a baboon brandishing a stick."

The Tattered Book

The Fox



June 25th, 2006

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The Fox
I will finally sit down and recount what happened over the last few days.

The trip here was pretty much calm. I played Nintendogs and we had the new mini-tv hooked up in the backseat. We picked up some food and ate in the car. Normality. Then we stopped at a hotel. Judging by the name and since we were platinum members, we hoped to have a good rest. Dad had said they'd upgrade us. They gave us a one-room with no kitchen and two beds and for an upgrade a bag of cookies and a water bottle. Didn't even bother giving one to each of us.

We go up there and leave all our stuff behind. We went to a Texas Steakhouse and I gawked at all the mounted animals while we ate, and reccomended the place to mother as a good place to move. My sister really enjoyed the robotic pony ride.

Okay, we head back to the hotel room. We're getting ready for bed when Matthew notices that there are bloodstains on one of the beds. My mother snaps, calls the hotel, the company, and my dad ranting about disease, and we eventually have to go down to get new sheets, mom swearing that she'll get a suite next time. So eventually we go to bed, and I retreat on the other non-stained bed.

We left the next day and arrived at Cousin Amanda's hoouse. We went hiking in their backyard (I went ahead of the chattering kids and saw a beautiful white-tailed doe) and in a forest nearby, and went on the ferry. Just before typing this I saw a Tufted Titmouse and a Chickadee. I love it here! We're leaving tommorrow.

June 21st, 2006

Baby Ratties!

You won't believe what just happened.

I found a litter of baby rats. Or, actually, my Jack Russel found them. They were in the corner of my garage. They're brown and furred, but their eyes are closed. My Jack Russel - being a Jack - killed the mommy. Considering that we're leaving to New York in a day's time, I'll have to find someone to take care of them. Hopefully my Nana will volunteer. My mother was never one to turn aside an orphaned baby. I'm leaving them in a tupperware on my front step for her to find. Then, I'll bring up the whole "meant to be" thing she pounds into my head whenever an animal dies or something bad happens. I honestly think it's meant to be - I used to have a rat named Ben who looked just like them and he was my *bestest* friend. I'm handling them with gloves and stuff. Any advice?

June 18th, 2006

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The Fox
Note to self - get a copy of Redwall and The Dresden Files.

June 13th, 2006

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The Fox

Dear Fanfic Writer,

Um, well. I go looking to see if the AD/MM archive has been updated, as is my current ship, and I find this.

June 8th, 2006

Avatar Transcript

The Fox
PS. Snape's really a double, double, triple, double to the third power agent.
But Malfoy's really good at heart! <3

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Or, When Sues finally got J.K Rowling's Brain

Dumbledore: Harry, I have to show you something very important...
Memories having to do with Tom Riddle's past

Memory of Tom Riddle: Angst, angst, angst, etc.

Harry: You're totally right, Dumbledore! I must make a long and rambling speech about how this would help me defeat Voldemort!


OMG! Lav and Won-Won (loz) were lyk, totally making out!
And Hermy was so jealous!

For 652 Freaking Pages.

The End


Comment By devoidofcontent,

Just be glad it didn't involve Dumbledore jamming his wand into the base of her brain.

On second thought, don't. That would improve the story tremendously.
Dumbledore: It's a special spell that will help you catch up to your classmates.
Sue: Really?
Dumbledore: Uh ... sure. Hold still (jams wand into her medulla oblongata)
Sue: (is dead)

Another one, on 6/13, just had to add it. sleepy_geeky

(on Sora's keyblade) The thing follows him around like a kick-ass puppy.
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